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Many men feel as if their garage and their sheds, in some cases, are their spaces in which they can “get away.” Men report to value the time spent in these two areas to a very high extent because of the stress that everyday life can cause them. Therefore, a lot of time and planning is put into preparing these spaces. Some men decide to build their old garage, or shed, and they do not regret it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many men report to love the time that they spend in their shed space.
  • It is nice for some men, and even women, to have a shed that can be used for many things.
  • Sheds are great for storage space and continue to be important for families all over.

“This impressive shed was built painstakingly during a period of heavy rain by owner David Morris – which led to neighbourhood jokes about arks. Once complete, David’s neighbours came to visit as couples two-by-two, and from there came the name, ‘Noah’s’.” For his uniquely designed shed, he has shortlisted for the Cuprinol Shed Of The Year.

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