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Get the Low Maintenance Garden Designs

Most people associate gardens with high upkeep such as trimming, mowing, and hedging. However, maintaining a garden that surrounds your home with beauty and vibrancy doesn’t have to require such a high level of upkeep. Start by zeroing in on the areas you find yourself maintaining the most. These areas that have shrubs and bushes that require maximum upkeep could always be replaced with fences or other decor that adds accent to the surrounding area. Here are the Low Maintenance Garden Designs.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states that the gardens of today are often ecological nightmares because they were built on principles of control and not of cooperation.
  • For gardens to continue to flourish a century from now, they need to embrace the principles of environmental sustainability and become less wasteful.
  • The author states that it would be a joy for us to grow gardens that would tend to grow old with us and that rewards rather than make demands.

“As we enter a new millennium, it’s appropriate to consider entering into a new relationship with the natural world.”

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