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In many households, there is what men like to call the man cave. This is their area to go and chill at and not worry about anything else. This has been a thing for a really long time and some men go all out with their man caves. Now, ladies want in on the action. Woman caves are starting to pop up as more and more woman want to have something like this for their own sake.

Key Takeaways:

    • Man caves have been axiomatic for a while now, but She/Woman caves are now taking a portion of the decor stage themselves.
    • The basement is a great place to create a crafting, or reading and relaxing hideaway, for the woman of the house.
  • Turn an extra sitting room, or part of an oversize laundry room, into a crafters paradise with sturdy tables and sewing staples close by.

“Whether it’s a place to relax, work, read, craft, sleep or just sit and do nothing, women are creating their own spaces.”

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