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sustainable landscaping ideas

You can create a great-looking yard while minimizing your impact on the environment by following a few relatively simple tips. You can set up a simple rain barrel system to recycle rainwater by watering plants with it. There are also a number of easy, DIY drip irrigation system designs available. Drip irrigation is much more efficient than sprinklers, and uses less water. You can also reduce water usage by planting hardy, relatively drought-resistant plants such as sage, shave and lavender that need fairly little water.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use a 32 gallon trash barrel to create a rain-water receptacle, incorporating a spigot you can use to fill a watering can.
  • With your new rain-water receptacle, which you can purchase ready made if you prefer, you can douse your plants with rainwater and thus conserve water and preserve a sustainable environment.
  • Another way to conserve water and make your garden more sustainable is to go with drought-resistant plants, which can often go for weeks at a time without watering.

“Creating a beautiful yard takes a lot of hard work. And part of that hard work is taking the time to incorporate a few sustainable landscaping ideas that will allow you to keep your yard green without using more resources or damaging your local environment.”

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