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Tiny houses are all the rage, and one blogger has taken it upon themselves to share their opinion surrounding premade sheds making great home structures. Investing in a converting a storage shed into your a tiny home can be a safeguarded investment, due to these sheds often being constructed by contractors that are highly experienced. Not only could the shed potentially be of higher quality than mainstream homes, but the time it takes to set them up is naturally much less.

Key Takeaways:

  • When readers ask the author if they can build their tiny house out of sheds, the answer he gives is yes, and some persons are already doing so.
  • Building a tiny house out of a shed has a benefit of being cheaper because the chances of buying a suitable shed for little money is high.
  • Because sheds are designed by pros, any shed you want to convert to a tiny house is sure to be of a high quality.

“I often advise those who are short on time to speed up their builds by buying tiny house shells. If you have a full-time job, you need to move into your tiny house very quickly, or you live in an area with a difficult climate, turning a shed into a tiny house shed will cut your build time down considerably and, ultimately, mean you can move in much sooner.”

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