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Make Your Shed BlendIf you have some extra space in your yard, it may be tempting to automatically assume it has to be turned into a clutter filled, boring storage shed. In his new blog post, Mike Johnson proposes 7 new and creative ways to think about utilizing that extra space and build a tool shed. If you have multiple guests, a changing room may be the way to go. If not, why not think about a potential new office or even a space set aside for working on a hobby that fills your life with joy.

Key Takeaways:

  • A storage shed can be used as a poolside changing room and as a personal space to relax in.
  • A storage shed can be used as an office or workbench area with some simple modifications.
  • A storage shed can be used for both practical storage as well as storage for decorative items.

“To make a good utility storage shed, you will need a basic electrical wiring package.”

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