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Building a playhouse requires a (drastically) scaled-down version of many of the skills involved in building a regular house. With a few simple tools and some pre-cut lumber and plywood, you can build a great playhouse  for kids. First, you need to level the ground and lay a foundation of pressure-treated wood or even concrete to defend against rot. Then you need to build in side walls, a floor, a roof and the wall frames. You can add other elements as desired, too.

Key Takeaways:

    • While building a play house, make the play house to have eight feet with a four foot wall and a roof, making it simple.
    • Some of the materials you might need to build the play house are shovel, drill driver, circular saw, 2×4 lumber, and sandpaper.
    • To start the play house, you need to lay a solid foundation and that means finding a space that is level in your yard. Shovel to make it so.

“Building a playhouse for kids and building a house are the same – it is just that a playhouse is on a slightly smaller scale.”

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