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Mike O. of Instructables Workshop looked at his neighbors’ stockade fence project and saw an economic way to build a log cabin playhouse for his son. Mike’s son absolutely loves his playhouse, and for the most part it has held up pretty well over the years against time and weather. It’s very important that you level the ground early and often when building this playhouse. Mike suggests using the nicest wood for the interior floor of the playhouse, since this is where your kid will spend most of his/her time.

Key Takeaways:

  • She wanted a play house and she discovered that to get a playhouse that was a decent size she needed to budget about $1200.
  • She found a really cool Log Cabin that she liked and when she inquired of the price it was $3700 which was a mark down from $4200.
  • She got an idea recently when her neighbors built a fence to the yard and she looked over it to discover a log cabin that was attractive.

“I noticed that my 3 year old Son always gravitated toward the playhouses whenever we went to a big playground.” Here are the best ways to build log cabin playhouse. 

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