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This hot tub in the shed was very outdated and looked like a sore thumb. The couple wanted to use the shed for something a little bit more practical for their property. The space itself was solid and there was potential to put a living arrangement there. Therefore, after some deliberating, the decision was made to make it into a little guest bedroom for anyone that came to visit. At the conclusion of the project, everyone was very happy.

Key Takeaways:

    • With five weeks and a budget of just a bit over 3000, a couple turned their erstwhile dilapidated garden shed into a cute guesthouse.
    • The couple was inspired to take on the project when a daughter/stepdaughter made a fervent plea for a place to come stay that wouldn’t involve being with the ‘boys.’
  • Part of the charm is a built in cabinet beside the bed, which houses the surprise of a mini kitchenette, complete with sink.

“Tricia and Jason banded together to turn a bare bones, former loan office turned hot tub shed into an exceedingly cute guest house.”

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