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Transform a garden shed into a boutique style guest room simply by adding a few warm touches. The shed was revamped to be able to host clientele in town for business. It has a bed, work space, heating and ideal lighting. The heating is provided by an electric wood burning stove that not only creates heat but makes the small space that much cozier. The shed itself maintained its garden theme with the upgrades. The lamps that are located on either side of the bed are industrial stile pendant and table lamps, to keep that potted shed look. The limited space is perfect for an overnight visit.

Key Takeaways:

    • Having a shed for a storage area is a nice little touch on a property.
    • Many men feel that a shed is a great way to “get away” from tradition work life they deal with.
  • Now, some people are even able to transform a garden shed into a small cottage for visitors of some sort.

“Given that space is at such a premium and there is rarely space for the clients’ overnight guests, we decided to transform the shed into a bedroom with a hint of a boutique hotel stay for those visiting. A place that is warm and inviting, with luxury touches and always ready for a visitor.”

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