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Backyard Shed Backyard sheds are a good way to create extra storage for your home. All of those things that you don’t use regularly like, Christmas decorations, for example, can all be stored away. In New York City, back yard sheds are legal to do on your own as long as they do not exceed 120 feet and are less than seven feet, six inches tall. You will need to hire an architect if your sheds exceeds that. They also need to be at least three feet from your house, and there are limitations to what you can store if you’re using it for work related purposes. Having them custom built is expensive so to save money you can just purchase a plastic, that’s still perfectly efficient and water resistant.

Key Takeaways:

  • An outdoor shed can prove the ideal solution for dealing with the overflow from overstuffed garage units and attics.
  • Although most home-related items are acceptable storage shed items, it is not okay to keep certain toxic chemicals, like commercial pesticides in your garden shed.
  • Likewise, keeping large commercial equipment items housed in your outdoor shed is a no-no.

“If you have backyard space available in an out of the way area, somewhere out of view of the house, consider an inexpensive molded plastic model.”

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