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Flowers Have you ever wondered about the choices people make when developing a plotting method for flowers or landscape foliage, wonder no more! In his new blog post, David Beaulieu reviews the logistics behind when flowers bloom and why it is important to pay attention to when planting. He discusses finding a personal passion in your choices, exploring your creativity through category choices and provides a few helpful hints on what blooms best in each different season.

Key Takeaways:

  • By thinking carefully about the “sequence of bloom” for the different plants in your garden, you can make sure that something is blooming at any given point in the year.
  • Sequence-of-bloom charts remain remarkably consistent in terms of both the overall order and the duration of time between different plants blooming.
  • You should plant from a diverse range of different plant families, to include perennials, biennial and annual plants, as well as a mix of trees, shrubs and vines.

“Nor must give up the pursuit of successional interest after the autumn leaves drop to the ground as long as you’ve planted evergreens and other plants with winter interest.”

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