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Brian Schultz, a wood kayak builder in Oregon, built a tiny house for himself to live in with his girlfriend. An old toolshed converted into his new tiny house. The builder doesn’t believe in closets because they tend to get cluttered with junk so he try to and used open wood shelves to store his clothes. He used the space under his bed for the storage of his camping gear. He and his girlfriend work all the time so they only need a place to sleep at night. He added a small porch on the front and used a Japanese style woven fence to enclose the area.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brian Shulz works most of the time, and is happy with sleeping in a minimalist house made from a shed.
  • He originally lived in a small, 200 square foot house, but moved into a shed when the house felt too big.
  • Brian hates closets, and emphasizes making better use of the space under the bed.

“With an interior that measures 8-by-12, there’s not room for much of anything but the bare necessities which is exactly how Schulz, who admits to working all the time and spending little time settled down at home, likes it.”

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