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bayou party barn

One couple started their idea for a barn with just a horse. That eventually evolved into an entertainment center along with a stable in the same structure. The place where they built this amazing place is located a little ways outside of New Orleans. A lot of the land was just swamp when the owner of the barn was just a kid, but it has transformed into something new, exciting and vibrant. This place is still a true barn.

Key Takeaways:

  • A couple built a place to be entertained and it was also a stable so it was a two in one.
  • The idea for their barn started with just an idea that was about a horse.
  • The place where the barn is located is just outside of the city of New Orleans.

“As it’s not hard to see when you pull up along the narrow gravel road, past pine-dotted fields and pastures, they ended up with something a bit more ambitious.”

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