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Mike Eagleton is a professional landscaper who is known for his ability to stretching a small yard into spacious masterpieces. Many people mistakenly buy smaller hardscapes in order to give the illusion that their space is bigger than it truly is, but this actually has the opposite effect. Adding larger monuments actually creates a more spacious feel. Also be sure that you utilize any front yard space you have as this is the first area visitors are met with when they come into contact with your property.

Key Takeaways:

  • When outdoor spaces are created with a keen sense of organizatiin, which delineates the purpose of the space, it’s far more likely that they will be used as intended.
  • Using arbors and gateways to create passages is a good technique for utilizing a smaller outdoor space.
  • Setting a garden in the front of the house draws attention to what is usually the home’s most welcoming view, besides adding an additional layer of privacy.

“Shade trees blot out neighbors’ homes, and it’s easy to forget, when he and his wife and their teenage kids kick back outside, that they’re in a metropolis of 600,000 people.”

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