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Most people think of storage when they consider what to do with a shed. This makes sense because storage is the primary purpose of most sheds. 

While sheds can be a practical solution for storing all sorts of things, there is no reason to limit these structures to storage. With a little bit of work, you can use your shed into a space that could be used for any number of different purposes.

DIY Workshop

A shed can be the perfect place to work on any number of DIY and home repair projects. You just need to fit the space out with a workbench and work on solutions for storing your tools and materials. 

Entertainment Shed

You can also turn your shed into the ultimate entertainment space with a little bit of work. You will need a shed that has electricity, but it could be a place for playing video games or you could turn it into a home theatre for watching movies and TV shows. 

Play Shed

If the kids don’t have a good play area in the house, a shed can be converted to meet that need. You will need to fix the shed up to make it a suitable play environment, but it shouldn’t require a lot of work to create a space that has a lot to offer children. 

Home Gym

One of the reasons many people pay for a gym membership is because they don’t have a suitable place to build a good gym at home. With a nice shed, you can build a home gym that will allow you to leave your gym membership behind. This will save money over time and it will also make your workouts more convenient.


Your backyard shed can be the perfect workspace because it is separate from the rest of the house. You can go out there to work in peace when you need to, but you will never be too far from home.

Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar can be great for entertaining guests during summer. With a shed converted to a bar, you can have a space that is outside, but it is still protected from the weather. Not only that, but since the shed locks, you won’t have to take everything inside when you are done.

An Outdoor Getaway

If you just want a place to get away and relax, a shed can also serve that purpose. Just set up some comfortable chairs, add some lights and decorate to create a backyard getaway where you can go to relax on your own.

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