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Things to consider when deciding whether to insulate your shed can include deciding what is going to be stored in it. Are you going to store electronics or items that won’t survive in extreme temperatures? If so, then you should insulate the shed. Don’t insulate a plastic or metal shed though. Use better insulation if you are storing food items or livestock. You will need to decide whether to insulate walls with fiberglass or foam board insulation. If you are going to insulate the roof, save some space for air ventilation or else it will mold. You should insulate the floor too if it is really cold. The doors and windows that come on a shed are usually very cheap so they will need to be replaced or reinforced with wood. Cover the windows with plastic or replace with a good double pane window. You can use spray foam to fill in all the cracks. Your final step is to check the shed for air tightness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Decide which type of walls you want to use for your insulated shed. Fiberglass is the most common type but you can also use air barriers.
  • The roof of an insulated shed should always have a good ventilation space to prevent mold and wood rot.
  • Doors and windows need to be fully enforced. If you use metal frames just know that you will probably have problems with condensation which can cause rust.

“Before you dive into the project, you’ll have to consider the 7 things above to determine what you’ll need, if it’s worth it, and how much you’ll need to do.”

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