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Yards do not need grass to be inspiring. In Palo Alto, CA an inspiring Lawn-free yards uses a Dogwood and Japanese Maple Tree for shade and color. Another house in Menlo Park, CA uses plants providing fruit. The yard features an apple and lemon tree along with blueberry bushes. A drought tolerant yard features a flagstone pathway along with a pea gravel area to soak up any rain. A different yard uses specific grasses that only require one or two mow sessions a year to keep tidy.

Key Takeaways:

    • Some Western grasses require drastically less water, mowing and overall maintenance than the water-intensive variants found in most American lawns.
    • One home owner in Menlo Park filled much of her yard with various fruit- and herb-producing plants, and filled in the remaining space with thrift succulents.
  • You can replace some of your lawn space with a flagstone path and a pebble/weed cloth combination, then use plants on either side to highlight the pathway.

“See how to ditch thirsty turf grass in favor of beautiful, easy-care gardens.” Here are the best option to create an inspiring lawn-free yards.

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