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Improving your landscape this spring can be simple with easy changes that can have long lasting impact. Here are the super easy ways to pretty up your spring landscape. A good starting place is planting a single tree. This can add texture and color to your landscape for years to come. New mulch also adds color and helps your landscape look refreshed. Edging your beds can help define the spaces. For a touch of personalization add a focal point in your yard. This could be as simple as a group of potted plants in a wagon.

Key Takeaways:

  • To add interest to your garden and create a worthwhile summer project, consider planting a new tree.
  • An easy way to add texture and color to a predominantly green landscape is to add mulch.
  • If plants seem to bleed into the grass in an ill-defined way, create an attractive edging to spruce up the look, possibly with low-lying ground-covering plants.

““Colored hockey sticks can line a path or wine bottles planted neck down in the soil,” just make sure you do the entire path. “Two or three wine bottles lining a path might look like leftovers from last night’s party,” she says.”

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