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cool shed ideasSheds can come in all shapes and sizes, you don’t have to conform to the original square shaped one with a traditional roof. The most important thing is that the materials stored inside of the shed are protected from moisture from rain or snow. You can make a rounded shed for extra room and it’s actually much easier to store large objects in a shed with that type of shape. You can also cover the roof with a mossy type of material like in the old days of huts in the middle of the woods. The possibilities are endless, really. Here are the Cool Shed Ideas for your garden.

Key Takeaways:

  • An open air shed, which looks like a large table with many widely spaced legs, was originally created to lock and store bikes.
  • Because it is both well-ventilated and strong enough to hold heavy snow, it is a good choice for storing winter logs.
  • You can can create an entirely waterproof and strong shed, sourcing local, organic materials that ultimately calls to mind the thatched roof huts found in tropical regions.

“I have pulled together 31 photos of some very cool shed ideas to help you make the right choice”

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