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Creating a She-ShedCreating a She-Shed doesn’t have to follow any predetermined pattern. The best way to make a She-Shed is to set it up for how you find comfort. Do you like pillows, quilts, curtains, furniture and lace? Find the items that speak to you the most. Some outside accents, like strands of lights, or candles can add a whimsical atmosphere. Don’t forget to add the little touches that make your heart happy. And – the best place to find all these things is at HomeGoods!

Key Takeaways:

  • Pillows and a quilt can make a She-Shed feel plush and comfortable.
  • Some candles and twinkle lights in the garden outside your She-Shed can help create the right ambience.
  • Decorate your She-Shed and make it your own using things that you love.

“You have probably heard about She-Sheds as they have gained popularity. They are simple little buildings in your yard and can be decorated as a room, a small sitting area or creative studio and much more- the sky is the limit.”

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