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A gazebo can be a wonderful project, although you definitely need to be careful to think it through and do your homework beforehand. Search Gorgeous Gazebo Design Ideas for next project. There is a wide range of gazebo designs available. Charles McClure Landscape Architects designed a beautiful Mediterranean-style gazebo made from redwood. Another gazebo design from California shows off the range of furnishings you can add to your gazebo, including a fire pit, a kitchen and bar, and light fixtures. A very different alternative includes a gazebo on the edge of a picturesque lily pond.

gazebo design ideas

Key Takeaways:

  • Before one should get carried away by dreaming about a gazebo for the yard they should first of all think about the cost and the yard size.
  • Some gazebo designs includes a yard in Santa Barbara that was built with redwood and was equipped with posts that are extra large.
  • John Montgomery has designed and built a gazebo house that is equipped with all the amenities that a real house would have.

“While you’re working on details like a budget and who will build it, get inspired by these beautiful and diverse gazebo design ideas.”

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