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Fall Landscape IdeasFall, with its many colors is one of the most vibrant times of the year. Planning your landscaping in the fall to incorporate the season is a must. Include pumpkins amongst your plants. If you are worried about the pumpkins rotting before the end of the season you can opt for plastic ones. Let the changing colors in your landscape be your focus as well. You can also create a bounty of a harvest feel on your porch by including many fall related items such as gourds, pumpkins, mums, and hay stacks. It is also a great fall landscape ideas to see what plants you can have in your garden that are late bloomers. It helps extend the life of your landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • There’s nothing that says fall landscaping better than pumpkins, gourds, baskets, wreaths, and colorful leaves.
  • To give your yard a makeover, you may not have to do more than trimming your bushes to let the natural autumn foliage shine.
  • Get creative with your fall landscaping, looking beyond your yard to include your porch, patio, and gate in your autumn-themed decor.

“This just goes to show that as long as you’ve got that master of fall, the pumpkin, you can pretty much get as creative as you want.”

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