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Easy Backyards Landscaping Ideas

Are you looking for easy backyard landscaping ideas to change your backyard from bland to a scenic outdoor setting? Then these 21 tips are for you. The simple projects on this list are both inexpensive and effective when it comes to sprucing up your backyard. From flower boxes to bird baths and plenty of other do it yourself projects for anyone looking to save money and make their backyard a gorgeous place to be all year round.

easy backyard landscaping ideas

Key Takeaways:

  • Flowers can be inexpensively added to your backyard with a window flower box, tire planter, or rustic wheelbarrow flower bed.
  • Birdbaths and the birds they attract are pleasant backyard features, and you can be creative by converting a vintage sink (or other bowled antique piece) into one.
  • Stones are simple additions to landscaping, whether using flat ones for a walkway or a variety of shapes for a dry creek bed.

“Believe it or not, there are tons of Low Maintenance Landscaping options that can transform your dull backyard into a gorgeous retreat.”

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