LP SmartSide Exterior Siding Reviews

LP SmartSide Siding is made from strands of wood fibers that are bonded together to form a product that is exceptionally strong. Because of the sturdiness of the SmartSide engineered wood product, it does not break like other siding products. Also, homeowners have revealed over and over, just how much they like the deeper woodgrain of this siding over what the competition is offering which is much flatter.

LP SmartSide Exterior Siding Review

From reports of many homeowners, is that they love the toughness and wetness resistance of the LP SmartSide product. They like that you CAN NOT quickly damage the siding and express they are pleased with the appearance of the deep woodgrain embossing of the siding panels, a terrific plus with this siding choice.

LP SmartSide Exterior Siding Review

With a list of evaluations of the LP SmartSide Siding product, I discovered across the web. A reasonable amount of the reviews I am sharing below are comparisons of one siding item to another because this is what shed shoppers have been asking.

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LP SmartSide Exterior Siding Review

There are lots of homeowners and specialists throughout the country offering their opinions, and most of them are favorable towards the LP SmartSide Siding item. Keep in mind that LP had another siding item that failed called “inner-seal” that was manufactured back in 1980. The SmartSide Siding Product is crafted wood that is much more innovative and sports a 5/50-year guarantee to showcase LP’s self-confidence in this brand-new siding product.


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