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There are a number of great landscaping ideas – many of them DIY – you can use to make your home garden a wonderful place. Water adds a nice touch, whether it be a fountain, stream or even a pond if you have the space. Rockeries provide good focal points that don’t require a lot of space. Decks, terraces and gazebos are great for relaxing outdoors, and don’t forget adding flowerbeds or hedges to your front garden as ways to soften the space around your driveway. These are only some of the ideas that can give you inspiration for improving your garden.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many persons have come to realize that their garden is an extension of their home and in the summer can serve as an extra room.
  • One of the benefits of renovating or adding additions to gardens as a DIY project is that they can improve the value of the home.
  • A water feature is a landscaping idea that one needs a professional assistance for either designing or installing one such as a stream with shingle banks.

“There are certain elements you must always keep in mind if you are considering some landscaping ideas.”

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